This blog is dedicated to Jared Seegmiller. He was one of my favorite instructors at The Art Institute of Seattle and the co-founder of Fashion First, a runway show he helped launch in 2004 featuring local designers and boutiques. Jared loved reading, shopping, traveling, and sharing his love of the fashion industry with others. He inspired me to pursue my goals in the world of fashion and when I landed my first fashion job in the industry he proudly proclaimed, "Now you're officially in!" He was always smiling, laughing and eager to help others. In the spring of 2005 Jared asked me to serve as his teachers aide for a Business of Fashion course at The Art Institute of Seattle. It was during that quarter that Jared discovered he had terminal cancer and despite one round of chemotherapy he passed away just a month after his diagnosis. I'll never forget being at his house in Magnolia and helping him with miscellaneous tasks for the courses he taught and having him overstuff my handbag with jelly beans and candy when I wasn't looking. He passed away right around Easter. He will be forever missed by not only myself but many others in the Seattle fashion community. We miss you Jared! Thank you for being a ray of sunshine into our lives.